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Amalgamating comfort, love, joy and security with satisfaction is the gist of a good interior design. Interior moldings now embody these qualities with simplicity.

Maria Décor is the first Indian company that deals in interior moldings.

Interior molding application is an emerging trend in beautification of commercial and residential places. It adds the X-factor to your ambience that will seal the void between the desired and the achieved. Let go of the conventional Indian style of interior decoration by sprucing up your offices and homes with the new age, multifaceted hardwood charcoal interior moldings.

Places are now becoming livable and lovable with the simple and hassle free application of this product. An architect or interior designer with proficiency could exemplify his creativity using this product. Peruse through this website and you can think of numerous ways to decorate your address by this “not one size fits all” product.

Our entire product range is free of warping, resistant to action of oil, water and other domestic liquids.


Maria Decor continually strives to balance price, quality and utility to successfully serve the mass market. Our strategy lies in creating and appropriating value by differentiating our product application from other substitutes in the market. Furthermore, our team of experienced managers relentlessly identifies potential upscale residential and commercial projects that lay importance on such prominent biodegradable and affordable products.

Participating in exhibitions at national and international level helps us to adapt upcoming trends and thus deliberate on our future strategy.

Our existing distributors have invested extensively in displaying these moldings at their offices. This marketing strategy proved beneficial since it gives an instant idea about the application of interior moldings to prospective clients. Do visit us to get a first hand impression of our product.

We look forward to establish enduring relationships with individuals and corporate clients exhibiting zest, self confidence and commitment to work with interior mouldings in the Indian market.